Sunday, 31 May 2015


Meteofrance seem pretty convinced we'll see temperatures between 36 and 38 degrees centigrade by the end of the week. That's 100 Fahrenheit!

We will all melt. Heat and high humidity - a Spanish Plume. Hot unstable air drifting up from north Africa and southern Spain.

There will be isolated thunderstorms too. I hope they miss.

The garden could do with some rain. But lengthy moderate rainfall would be preferable to torrential thundery downpours though unlikely.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Foxtail lily

They glow you know.  Eremurus himalaicus, the white foxtail lily shines in the evening sunshine. I love eremurus - so much so I bought about 9 or 10 roots of e. robustus last autumn - that's the big one, the 9 footer foxtail lily which is bound to draw a gasp. Bloody no shows - the lot of them. I have zero idea as to why not. I mean, the soil is right; the planting time was right; they had space.....   Maybe rodents?

Anyway, such is the way of things. Well almost.  That 'laissez faire' type statement belies my new motivation to grow Digitalis ferruginea as I need more spiky punctuation in my garden.  Blame it on Dan Pearson. I've just been leafing through his book, The Garden (again) admiring this sun loving biennial that he planted with such aplomb at Home Farm many moons ago.