Collonges la Rouge is Red.

There's a vein of red sandstone that runs deep at the borders of the Dordogne, Correze and the Lot. Villages were built from it. Very beautiful villages too, of which Collonges la Rouge is the most.

With a history dating back to the eighth century, the early twentieth saw the formation of the association Les Amis de Collonges, "friends of Collonges" who obtained a historical monument classification for the entire village in 1942. By the way, if you reside in town, you are known as a Collongeois.

Listed as one of the Plus Beau Villages de France, It was the Mayor of Collonges, Charles Ceyrac who founded the association back in 1982, so the red village was in fact the first commune to be designated as such. The rest is history as they say.

The architecture is stunning, the atmosphere wonderful.

Turrets and towers, the stuff of fairytales.

And everthing is red.

Finally, this guy isn't trying to enter "rear of the year", he's sorting through crates of Cepes, that much sought after boletus, foraged first thing that morning.


  1. My neighbour was at Collonges la Rouge earlier this year and said if we are in that direction it more than worth a visit. Thanks for sharing these photos it looks a gorgeous place. Diane

  2. What a wonderful architecture and colour Rob.

  3. I've never seen Collonges, so I'm glad you're sharing your visit. The architecture is that of fairytales. The color must be truly impressive in person, in different light throughout the day.

    Hope none of your friends or family have been victims of the riots back in the UK. Hope everyone, and their property is safe. Very scary stuff happening.

  4. The village certainly is red. Gorgeous too.

  5. Hi Diane, it's definitely well worth a visit.

    Hermes, the architecture is all the better for the red sandstone.

    Freda, the evening light changes everything. It's the most visited place in the Limousin.
    Those riots, sheer criminality. There appears to be no political reasoning behind them. None of my family was affected.

    Hi Sweetbay, It is a jaw dropping place.

  6. I just love looking at old style architecture. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. What a striking village. Definitely on my list of To Visit the next time I am in France.

  8. Rob, Have a little time to call my own tonight so decided to check out recent posts on your Blog. I will say that the architecture is absolutely beautiful. And that red stone is very nice indeed. Having always been an "Architect" at heart, I enjoy my visits to your Blog. Such character in the building that you show in some of your photos - love it. See you soon. Jack

  9. Beautiful village and the stone is a fantastic color. I imagine Collonges has wonderful gardens as well.

  10. Cepes. One of my favorite foods, and almost impossible to find over here. Dream on.

  11. That red rock is spectacular. The buildings look so beautiful against that strong blue sky.


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