June's abundance again

Recent cooler and showery spells of weather have left the garden looking better than I can remember. Everything has romped away and is positively turgid.

Of course all this may change over the coming weeks as the forecast heatwave arrives tomorrow with the French Met office, Meteofrance, predicting temperatures rising to as much as 42 degrees centigrade by Friday. That's hot. Very hot.

Scabious, Carthusian Pinks (dianthus), many geraniums including 'Rozanne' and numerous  sanguineum  varieties are all in their pomp but they'll cower in the pending heat.

The round headed garlic- allium sphaerocephalon together with digitalis parviflora - the mediterranean foxglove are yet to flower and should do just fine under the baking sun as should the first blooms of gaura lindheimeri and various Lavender.

This has been a good year for the roses too, with both 'American pillar' and 'Rambling rosie' positively cloaking the pergola that straddles the path which leads to the swimming pool. A pergola so enveloped it's easier to walk around than under.


  1. The flower garden looks amazing. So natural and abundant.

  2. your garden is looking spiffing as ever!


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