A Glut of Cepes



This exceptionally warm and at times humid September has gifted mushroom lovers all over the Perigord with a harvest not seen for years.

The restaurants in Sarlat seemed to be offering 'cepe' everything, such is the appreciation of this particular bolete in SouthWest France.

This mornings visit to Sarlat market was in fact the first market outing Karen and I have ventured on all year - though 2021 has been an unusual year - has it not?

The sun shone and it was warm, feeling more like August that late September. There's a chance of thunder later on.

Of course there's more to life than mushrooms as this photo clearly demonstrates. The French love Paella. The French love Pommes Sarladaise, The French love showy displays of food and just behind, can you see the rotisserie with free range chickens- did I mention the French love Poulet Roti?

I could continue in the 'The French love' vein, but in fact the world loves French cheese. And....

if you buy cheese, you're going to need wine - right?

Sarlat and its market are veritable treasure. I cannot think of a better way to spend Saturday morning.


  1. I'm sure that must be a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning Rob. A warm September here too. I hope that you and Karen are well and have coped in these challenging times. How is your beautiful garden?

    1. Hi Anna. We’ve coped these last two years or so and I hope the same for you. The garden had a ‘good’ year this year. It’ been wetter and cooler than average and it just flourished. Still, I’ll take a heatwave anytime....

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