The roses have arrived

Tuesday morning and the factrice from La Poste presented Karen with a package.

The mail order roses had arrived ahead of schedule so Christmas has come early here in the Dordogne.

I didn't ever think the prospect of digging large holes and mixing bags of horse manure with loam could ever have been so exciting- but it was!
Finally, for the record, I should point out that I am absolutely knocked out with the quality of these roses. If you squint at the picture you can see lots of fibrous 'feeder' roots and numerous stems, all in all really healthy looking plants so thanks Peter Beales roses.
PS. If you right click on the pic and open it in a new window you will be able to view an enlarged version and see what I'm getting at with regards the root system.


  1. Just wait until next year when those roses are in bloom. The results will be even more exciting than the hole digging!


  2. I have just received a parcel from Peter Beales too. Have never ordered from them before, but was most impressed.


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