The Tempest

We've had the worst storm for ten years. Southwest France together with Northwest spain has taken a battering, rare for these temperate gulf stream lapped climes.

There we all were enjoying life at the end of the gentle North Atlantic drift when a little depression enters the Gulf of Gascony, winds itself into a fierce little winter storm and ruins all the fun.

1.2 million homes are without power since Saturday and there are now problems to some of the water supply.

Flooding is everywhere.

Spending Saturday evening under candle light was quite romantic. It's tedious now! I feel like cro-magnon man, well Les Eyzies is the centre of pre-history.

Am I getting self obsessed? I mean, all of us suffering without power yet I'm going to tell you that my cold frame blew away full of Lavender and Anthemis (Chamomile) cuttings from last Autumn.

Hey ho! roll on spring


  1. It has been a winter, everywhere. So sorry to hear about the damage that you are going through. Here's to the power coming on soon.


  2. How heartbreaking! I wish you well. It seems to be a record-breaking winter for many.

  3. Yikes! We know all about flooding and power outages here in the Pacific Northwest. Here's hoping your power gets restored soon!

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  5. Rob, so sorry about the flooding. That's not one of your buildings is it? Hope not.


  6. I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding! Those buildings are beautiful, hopefully not destroyed. It'll be nice when spring is here for everyone!

  7. Luckily for me that isn't my building that's flooded.

    If anyones got my cold frame please let me know. It's entirely possible it's blown as far as the States.

  8. My daughter and I visited the Dordogne in 2007 and LOVED our trip. My father traced our ancestors to the area around Perigieux - and it goes without saying I am an avid gardener - it is in my genes! Hope to get back one day.

  9. As someone said on TV this morning
    'There seems to be too much weather about these days.

  10. So sorry for the flooding & lack of power. Hope everything gets back to normal soon. I would sure take some of that water off your hands if possible. Texas could really use some.

  11. I have not spotted your coldframe yet but will return it if I do :)

  12. Thats awful and looks veryy cold. Amazing the winter all you northerners are having and down here in the Southern hemisphere the ground is virtually cracking up.

    Hope your power is back.


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