Les Jardins de Cadiot

We spent a perfect morning here earlier this week. Les Jardins de Cadiot, Carlux, Dordogne.


  1. Wow Rob, so elegant and stylish.

  2. Looks like it is tour time!! Beautiful place.

  3. Good Morning Rob! I love this whimsical garden and how everything is off center yet offering a balanced feeling without perfect symmetry. Fabulous!

  4. Beautiful, how could you ever get yourself to leave?

    There is a different light there, a stunning golden tinge to your shots, something we don't see here until late summer....sigh.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Hermes, there's such a mix here, formal to loose, natural planting.

    Phillip you need to go here. They also grow a lot of old 'fashioned' roses.

    Marie well spotted. Salvia sclarea or clary. It was everywhere, self seed in the main and up to 6 feet tall!

    Tim, glorious sums it up, it was a nice way to spend a morning.

    Compost, tour time it is indeed.

    Carol youd love this place.

    Jen, it's all about the light. We got there for 10 in the morning to get a half decent photo before the light washed out the colour. I'm quite pleased with these shots.

  6. The Clary Sage is gorgeous. I love it.

    You asked about the Monarda ~ it does pretty well until late summer. Then it does mildew if the weather is dry, the 'Claire Grace' in particular.

  7. That's a very lovely garden. I like the mix of plants and form. I noticed that bronze fennel!

    Have you gotten rain?

    If you have a chance, go see Midnight in Paris (in the original version/language?) it's brilliant! Makes us miss Paris, of course.

    I'm trying to get a new travel writing gig...hope it comes together so I can spend more time in France. It would be too good to be true, lots of competition for the job, so... odds aren't good.

  8. Fun garden..love the Salvia and of course the bronze fennel!

  9. If this garden were in the UK I suspect it would be so much 'heavier'..its a gentle place.

  10. Blogger william martin said...

    If this garden were in the UK I suspect it would be so much 'heavier'..its a gentle place.
    6 July 2011 07:17

    Billy it may be a heavier place, certainly if it was built around a great big Tudor pile but not necessarily the case.

    The use of Solidago, Yarrow, Fennel and the odd Cardoon is pretty much as you'd find in the UK. You could argue that they're plants frequently used in cottage gardens, whatever they are. In fact, as a rule of thumb, when making a cottage garden, first buy a cottage.

  11. In 'heavy' I meant from a 'power' perspective..I have little time for landscapes in modern times which engage such elements.
    as for
    You could argue that they're plants frequently used in cottage gardens, whatever they are. In fact, as a rule of thumb, when making a cottage garden, first buy a cottage.

    I think piffle..I utilize transient 'cottage' plants (as a lot of Prairie IS in effect) as infill within my stronger foliaged stuff..they are the loosener's and foils for other rigidity.. I think a lot of Brit planting sensibilities are kept because its regarded as the right thing to do..no fun in that..the tourists love it though!! Ting went the cash register...

  12. wasn't it Vita who nicked all the cottage concepts and gentrified them?
    One really doesn't go to the UK for the gardens (this one) unless its Rousham or Sparta!
    Watch out for strong winds carrying all those new Prairie seeds across that Channel onto France!

  13. Rob, you can't even imagine how greatful I am to you for posting pictures of beautiful gardens! They are always inspiring, and I always find something that I want to have in my own garden. Thank you!

  14. Hi Tatyana

    Glad you find them inspiring. The gardens are very special. This was the first time I managed to take photos which were good enough to stick in a post.

  15. Racken

    Those winds would be nor'easterlys via the Netherlands and Germany.

  16. Talking of labels (were we)
    It seems to be a euro thing to box and contain garden theme types..whilst this labeling is sometimes handy for points of reference I for one find them boring and too fixed..gardens are not fixed. (well a lot are) Mmmm maybe a lot..but the more successful tend to transcend the types and it it those that are of interest to me. My garden totally confuses those who like to label and it is amusing to observe their struggles to arrive at one!

  17. Always a 'take my breath away' moment whenever I visit, Rob. Stunning!

  18. What a gorgeous blog! I love every bit of it, will be back. Have been for summer vacation in the Dordogne more than once years ago and loved it! Pays de l'homme...

  19. You just can't get any more beautiful then that. The garden is incredible. Thanks for sharing,

  20. I've recently discovered your beautiful blog and wanted to pass on a Liebster award to you. You can pop over to my blog if you want to collect it.

  21. I love all of these! Absolutely beautiful!


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