Mushroom Magic

There's a lot of mushrooms about at the moment. We've had some rain, but it's still warm and the increased humidity has bought a glut of Cepe, Orange de Bordeaux and all sorts of Boletus.

Some swear that you should aim to gather the much prized champignon sauvage during the first two phases of the moon as you'll have more success - who knows?


  1. I wish I was brave enough to pick mushrooms. I never know what is safe and what is not. Guess I should check with the pharmacy but that is a hassle! I can just small those mushrooms Mmmmmmmmm Diane

  2. Wish I had the courage to try more varieties of mushrooms (and cheeses). Love them in all sorts of recipies.

  3. I have never posted this before but I have to do it: yummy! Wish my husband had used some of those in our breakfast.

  4. Ditto. We have Boletus, but not Boletus edulus (sp?), and the ones I've found are not edible. They turn green or blue when broken. I do wish we had a mushroom gathering culture because I love them. Are you a mushroom picker?

  5. Mmmm. I love mushrooms, but I'm not certain enough about what's safe to eat to go out and forage on my own and, lets face it, Chesterfield isn't exactly the epicentre of the wild mushroom universe either!

  6. hi Diane, there must be cepes out up your way as well

    Hermes, I've noticed a huge variety of mushrooms for sale in UK supermarket, particularly Waitrose.

    Ann, they indeed make a perfect breakfast.

    James I did go out on a fungi foray last year with someone who knew exactly what to look for. I posted about it at

    Sweetbay I agree. I love the way mushrooms look.

    Hi Liz, I bet there's some decent mushrooms to be found in the wilds of Chesterfield!

  7. How many readers come to this story looking for "magic mushrooms" LOL!

    Those 'shrooms look delicious! Richard and I are zeroing in on our next trip. We want to get to Bordeaux. Can't make plans for a few more months until we see how this stock market fiasco pans out.

  8. Hi Rob! Pictures of mushrooms always make me a bit sad. Americans are afraid of wild mushrooms. My husband's face turns pale when I tell him I'd like to pick up some wild mushrooms. I know that he won't eat them. I miss real mushrooms! Those in your pictures are great!

  9. Hi Freda, magic mushrooms... Le Banquet'll turn into a hippy camp next year.

    Bloody stock markets. Hopefully some sanity will return in September, it's all too jumpy on thin trading at the moment.

    Tatyana, you MUST have every type of mushroom in the states, especially the northwest. You're gonna have to work on your husband.


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