Rouge Encore

Is it possible for a foreigner abroad to look more at home than the Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) which cloaks the house and rockface just a little way opposite from here? I think not.

Mid- Autumn always leaves this falaise napped in crimson, a beautiful sight in the late October sun.

I've heard it described as a 'chimney reacher', but it left the chimney behind on it's way to the sky.

I've also seen it described as not a plant for the laissez-faire gardener. Pourqui? I put mine in seven years ago, did nothing and it romped away. That'll do.

But it's a two horse race this October rouge stardom thing. Sumac looks positively illuminous with the light from behind.

Even the Sun God is mellowing as the light lowers.

This has been one of the warmest and driest starts to Autumn in SouthWest France. That said, there was a ground frost a few nights ago and this evening the skies have finally opened, not a bad thing.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous... and with nice weather to boot! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Both the sumac and the Virginia Creeper look magnificent.. VC grows wild in the woods here and the color was especially good this year, creating ribbons of color up the trees. Nothing like the en masse show that you have though!

  3. What a beauty Rob, one of the best sights of Autumn.

  4. Virginia Creeper and deep blue sky - that's October in the Périgord! Lovely images!

    Greetings from the Périgord blanc,

    Whenever you can spare a minute or two, please visit my blog to see our "rouge et bleu"....

  5. hello, here to the autumn begins, this year is reluctant to leave the summer
    un saludo

  6. Oh my gosh! That is absolutely beautiful! Carla

  7. The Virginia creeper is beautiful, much more colorful than it is over here. We're having a subdued fall. Even the Poison ivy is lacking its brilliant reds.

  8. Veronique, the lengthy warm and dry spell has brought out the Autumn colour in spectacular fashion this year.

    Sweetbay, I've seen VC growing through trees here as well. They look all the better for that at this time of year.

    Hi Hermes, I agree.

    Hi Karin, you will know as well as I the endless blue skies this Autumn has provided.

    Jordi, Summer has been long and dry this year, It only feels like Autumn as the colours change.

    Carla, Thankyou.

    James, I wonder weather I should plant poison Ivy as it's fall colour is superb. However, planting poison Ivy, is that not my most sensible idea?

  9. Stunning color, Rob ... October glory! Wonder if the dry warm weather helped. We've had a wet fall and our colors, though lovely, have not been stellar.

  10. hello not if I'm wrong but the variety of Parthenocissus is tricuspidata

    Un saludo

  11. I left instructions with one of my employees to remove Virginia creeper from several spots around the nursery. After looking at your photos I might be rethinking that.

  12. Virginia creeper looks best in perfectly normal. The color is splendid.

  13. Joey, the warm sunny weather definitely helps, I hope the sun returns for you.

    Hi again Jordi, P. tricuspidata, or Boston Ivy.

    Les, get them to re-plant it!!!

    Freda, thanks, I agree, doesn't look like a foreigner at all.

  14. Rob, what gorgeous images! Those two plants are both beautiful! Since I don't have much space in my garden, I would chose Sumac. I am glad you are having a nice autumn!

  15. No that is some serious cover - it looks as if the occupants can still just about beat the way to their front door. Sun God looks happy in his autumn finery. Mild here, wet and still have to have our first frost.

  16. Beautiful colors Rob! The way the virginia is creeping it may just reach the sky. ;>) We have had just the opposite of your fair weather here in Western Mass. but the snow is melting away . . . slowly.


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