Where I'd Rather Be

I'd happily be here, with a bottle of 2009 Rouge or a 2006 raised in Oak barrels, but I can't. It'll have to wait. It's a shame. Right now I'm in the midst of a major DIY project and other things come second. Discipline you see, or possibly neglect, or even a failure to multi task. Who knows, one things for sure, it only just dawned on me the other day, when Marie commented on my last post as to where I was, that I hadn't been here for some time. As before, DIY discipline you see, or possibly neglect, or even a failure to multi task.

This time of year is prime mushroom season. In the markets I should be able to find Saffron Milkcap (Lactarius deliciosus), Cepes and other tasty boletes, but alas, nay. I haven't had time to visit, such is the extent of my current Le bricolage.

This afternoon, on route to the local DIY store (the bloody DIY store, why have I become their best customer ???), I passed the grandest 'pick your own' apples farm. If only I had the time.

Whether you like apples or not, that is just secondary when visiting, look at the place. You may even hate apples, but get picking all the same.

But no, no. They'll not be any wine, mushrooms, apple picking or general loafing amongst the vines for me. I'm in the process of renovating my tired ol' kitchen and that starts with the old concrete floor which had 'failed' in places (long story) and had to be broken with a sledge hammer. Want to burn calories? come break my floor.

But progress is being made. That's me having pretty much laid the new concrete joists and thermo blocks ready to receive an eight centimetre layer of concrete this weekend. All will be mixed and laid by myself together with help and valuable guidance from my good neighbour Paul. Wanna burn even more calories? Lay my floor.

I will return to the garden once the hillock of ballast and palette of 30 bags of cement have gone!


  1. I see a cluster of pots above your head. You're not still cooking in there??

  2. Hi Diana

    No, that's the silly thing, I cleared everything out and forgot about the hanging rack of pans. When I was down to just the sub floor I had to get on a stepladder to reach a pan. The temporary kitchen is in my hallway and it is a pain in the arse.

  3. Damn, son. You're doing all that yourself? Very impressive! So at least you have a good excuse :-)

    Thanks for the link - and please don't forget about us...

  4. Rob,
    DIY is the story of my life. Looks very cool the set up you have to pour the joists and floor decking. I sure hope you have a decent mixer?

  5. Yay! You're insulating your floor! That will have to make for a much more comfortable floor. Good luck and I hope it all goes faster than you think it will.

    I once lived for five months without a kitchen- remodels can be hell, but the joy of a new kitchen can't be matched by anything else.

  6. Good luck with the remodel! Even with the kitchen a mess, many of us would 'rather be' visiting your area of France. It looks so pretty in the outdoor shots still, unlike the grey skies around here lately. And speaking of apples, have you tried Honeycrisps? They're my favorite new apple. Tangy and very crunchy, mmm.

  7. Good luck. My wife always said when I said DIY I meant it. I can barely change a light bulb so I really admire your effort.

  8. Rob,
    The kitchen looks as though it will be amazing. Just think, once the work is finished you can very justifiably crack open that bottle of wine, and who knows, maybe have an apple with it!

  9. That's a lot of work, Rob! Wonderful that you have the skills for DIY.

    Take care and don't hurt yourself...we're off soon to Cabo for Chris and Nicole's wedding on the beach.

  10. There's no feeling like being speared by a DIY project that never seems to let go. Once it's done, please share the celebration!

  11. Exciting stuff, Rob, even if it's killing you. Wish I had that DIY talent and fearlessness. Those boletes look enticing. Surly you picked up a few.

  12. Thought that you had gone rather quiet Rob ~ glad that Marie launched a search party. Now that Monsieur Le Bricolage has a lot to answer for. Looks like a ****** of a job but that wine will taste even sweeter when you have finished. Advice from himself - make sure you wear kneepads for the next stage. See you on the other side.

  13. You made me remember a small crack that has recently appeared on my floor...
    Oh, no!

    Good luck and happy weekend!

  14. You should have said earlier Rob - I'm a dab hand with a sledgehammer and love a good bit of demolition!!!! Definitely 'got the tee-shirt' on that one,having had 10 weeks of demolition, rebuild, rewiring, etc, etc, with a kitchen on the floor in the hall, so my thoughts are with you on all your hard labour ...just think how good it'll be when you've finished it though! :)

  15. Marie thanks, no probs for 'Le linky'

    Randy, my friend's bringing his mixer over, can get three good barrow loads per mix from it.

    Paula, I agree, a new kitchen is a joy.

    VW Don't know Honeycrisp. I think any apple straight off the tree, warmed by the sun is infinitely better to any from a supermarket shelf.

    Hermes, open to interpretation this DIY thing.

    Gary, crack open a bottle I will, trust me.

    Freda, if you read this in time, good luck with everything at the weekend.

    Denise, once the concrete is down this weekend, I'll feel the home run is nigh.

    James I've not had time to visit the markets which is a shame. This time of year, before the first frost is usually good for mushrooms, though not having any notable rain for many weeks means there'll not be a glut.

    Anna, knee pads are vitale! In fact what I do is sow a piece of foam onto the knee area of an old pair of jeans. It never slips that way.

    Decomondo, that crack may be nothing??? good luck.

    Liz you know exactly where I'm at. The electrics were sorted this morning so all is ready for the concrete tomorrow.

  16. You are so clever to be able to do all this Rob. I wish I had my own DIY guy! Look forward to seeing the finish. I hope you have a strong back! Good Luck! What a beautiful part of the world you live in.

  17. I would check every week to see if you posted anything. I was wondering where you were. Glad to hear you're alive and well...burning lots of calories.

    -Thuy in Cali

  18. Dear Rob,

    I have LOVED watching your progress and all your creations. So glad it is YOU laying all that concrete.

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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