Les chocolatiers

Ah Christmas is coming and shop windows never look better.

Whenever I stroll down the rue de la République in Sarlat, I'm always drawn to two Patisseries/Chocolatiers whose window dressing is a veritable work of art.

I reckon these windows are up there with some of the best Paris has to offer. They are simply beautiful. The skill and artistry needed to create them is a true talent. Jewelled vitrines indeed.

A little of what you fancy does you good. It really does.

Brioche de Noel, lauzes de Périgord, maybe a chocolate Santa.

A cheeky glass of Champagne perhaps?

Actually it's all too good to eat. Don't move a thing.

I took all these photographs last Friday evening except this bottom one which is a couple of years old, but included all the same as I'm really pleased with it. Now there's honesty.

I've been a bit neglectful of my blog in recent weeks. I'm still hammering away at the kitchen and busting a gut to finish it in time for Christmas. No pressure then.


  1. May I have a Yule log, with a meringue mushroom? What is inside the wonderful decorations? (which are too good to simply EAT!)

  2. What a lovely post. I am glad I follow your blog, or I would have missed this story. Perfect for the season. I loved seeing all these beautiful windows from my little corner of the Pacific Northwest. La Bûche de Noël, in particular, made me feel really homesick. Quelle chance. You will be enjoying these treats in just a few days. Bonnes Fêtes! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Isn't there a French expression -- something about window-licking? What is that in French?

  4. Those displays do look too good to eat, definitely. They are beautiful. The chocolate santas are adorable and the rest of the work is exquisite.

    Your pride in the last photo is justified!

  5. Thanks for lending a festive air to the season. We don't have this in Brooklyn (or maybe we do, and I don't know where).

  6. I know how it is to be drilling away at a deadline-good luck. Joyeux Noel!

  7. Sarlat is always a very special place, but with all these chocolate and decorations around it becomes mouth watering as well :) Diane

  8. Rob - with all of that gut-busting kitchen renovation work, at least you burn enough calories to eat all those chocolates in the windows! The rest of us...we can only dream.

    Lovely vignettes. I want to be a window decorating in France. :-)

  9. A real feast for the eyes. Those chocolate logs with chicks sitting on them are too lovely to even contemplate eating! Amazing delights for the palate, but most of all, eyes;-) Merry Christmas, Rob;-)

  10. When you post those window displays, Rob, I want to scream out in ecstasy! :-)

  11. I must say it's absolutely divine. I also have my lovely vitrine at my local baker's ! We're going to have a Chocolat Royal log and a Croquant Praliné caramel salé one for Xmas.

  12. Oh you tease Monsieur with such tantalising images! Only the French can decorate shop windows with such elegance and style - mind you Bruges was not far behind. Unfortunately we will not be venturing further than Manchester this year - not quite in the same league :) Hope the that kitchen is done in time for the festive season - you deserve to put your feet up and chill Rob.

  13. I haven't seen such tempting confectionary artistry since Alfred Molina ate the window display in the movie Chocolat. Wish I could climb inside these window displays...

  14. Jim: If I remember correctly, it's faire du leche-vitrine. Wishing I could find a good macaron right now.

  15. Hi Diana, the decs are all chocolate. We continue to be frost free this year, so real mushrooms are still around as well as meringue.

    Veronique thanks, I shoulkd send you a Buche de Noel.

    Jim hi, it's 'faire du lèche-vitrine'
    I like your copper work.

    Sweetbay thanks. I liked the chocolate santas.

    James, I bet there's some stunning windows over in the big apple.

    Paula thanks. Should finish tiling today. Grouting tomorrow, building units Thursday. Seems the plumber has gone awol!

    Hermes, I could wack a few million calories on in one of these shops - no problem.

    Diane, I agree, Sarlat is a special place.

    Freda, of course you're right. I can balance the calorie intake by the DIY 'burn'.

    Jan thanks and a Merry Xmas to you.

    Hi Frances, they're superb aren't they.

    Celine, I've no doubt you've lovely vitrines where you are. You've got your 'confectionary' organised!

    Anna hi. I bet Bruges has some fab displays.

    Denise. Ah I remember that scene, only seems like yesterday when that movie came out.

  16. Delicious! I was in San Francisco yesterday admiring the Scharffenberger displays in the Ferry Building Marketplace - but theirs didn't hold a candle to your pictures.

  17. Hi Susan

    I just googled Scharffenberger, their chocolate looks pretty good to me.I'll take your word on the window dressing.

  18. Delicious! What fun to see these yummy window displays. I have seen none of late to compare. Thanks Rob for sharing!! Good luck with your kitchen. Happiest of holidays.

  19. What a delicious post and photos. I have just returned from 3 months in Switzerland and watched the change of seasons to the present holiday of Christmas. The window displays at les patisseries always fascinated me. Your photos evoke great memories and wishful thinking...

  20. Mmmm, gorgeous ....I'm hungry now!
    Hope you manage to get the kitchen finished Rob. I've not done much blogging either as I've been sorting the house, project managing the living room renovation and cooking up a storm for the marauding hordes (my family) that are arriving tomorrow for a few days!

    Hope you and Karen have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year...I'll raise a glass of fine red to you on Christmas Day - Merry Christmas!

  21. We enjoyed 10 days in the Dordogne this year, our first trip to France ( excl a fast furious Contiki trip 30 years ago ) what is the 'lauxes de Perigord' ?

  22. Oh my goodness, all that lovely food and the market, I want to be there!!


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