Les Cepes du Périgord

There seems to be a glut of the much fêted boletus edulis this Autumn.

They arrived late. August and September were hot, droughty, dusty. Not at all ideal mushroom weather. October has changed all that.

Misty mornings, humid southerlies and heavy downpours..... et voila!

Nearly done for another day, she'll pick more in the morning.


  1. Our roofing guy brought us a whole tray full last Sunday, much appreciated. Yum yum. Have a good weekend. Diane

  2. What do you do with them, Rob? I have a sackful of hens of the wood to deal with. But I am cepless.

    1. Marie I'm sure you'll have many ideas as to how to use them. They love them in omelettes here though to my mind the best way is to fry them in oil and chuck in chopped garlic and parsley towards the end, squeeze of lemon juice and et voila. You could crumble a cheeky chile in there too.

  3. It's great that dreadful weather brings such bounty!

  4. "Into each life some rain must fall" so we can have mushrooms.

  5. Well put. We had rain again last night, so Sunday morning brings more mushrooms!

  6. Gorgeous! We're missing Paris already...and I loved walking along rue Lepic to see the baskets of cepes!

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