Sometimes you need Raclette

There comes a time when you need a cheese fix- nothing else will do - absolutely nothing- its time to melt some raclette.

The French have been melting cheese for centuries, as have the Swiss and presumably many other nations that have decent mountain ranges as it was humble mountain folk who started melting cheese by the campfire and scraping it off with hunks of bread.

Raclette cheese comes in many forms. Either just as it is, or flavoured with pepper, garlic, chilli (the famous Piment d'Esplette) and so on. In fact Raclette is something of a catch all phrase for most cheeses that melt well such as Morbier or Reblochon etc. and to Raclette is the indefinite article referring to the entire meal.

I have a budget Raclette grill which finds its way to the dining table four or five times every winter.
The polished top stone sits above a grill so both heat together and whilst the cheese melts underneath, I can cook ham and salami on top. Serve with boiled new potatoes and pickled gherkins on the side, et voila, it's the closest thing to heaven. 

Possibly the most convivial dining experience there is. Everybody constructs their own dinner whilst drinking wine, throw in a roaring fire and what's not to like?


  1. It was our first Christmas in our new French house - 2 fondues duck & steak for him, cheese for me. ��


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