The Beast from the East

Well it felt like Spring today. Walking around La Roque Gageac - which benefits from a micro climate as the rock absorbs heat- it's easy to be fooled into thinking that Winter has finished, but not so.

Like much of Western Europe, tomorrow France sees the arrival of a bitterly cold easterly tracking all the way from Siberia. The Beast from the East.

In fairness it's only a short lived cold snap for us in the mild south west. Further north and east things are a different matter.

So Monday and Tuesday barely above freezing but by next weekend the mercury nudges 17 celsius as mild air from the Azores makes an incursion across the south.

Still, Winter's last hurrah needs to play out, so outdoor jobs can wait a while. The photo above is Beynac by the way, another of France's prettiest villages, beautiful whatever the weather.

Early blossom, just to emphasize the 'Spring has sprung' feel to today before Le Grand Froid.

So March in like a Lion and out like a Lamb. Fingers crossed.


  1. You walked by my friend’s home on the Les Cotes road. The last wide parking spot. Clementine built into the cave. Her friend planted and cared for the exotic gardens. His house was across the way.


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