June's abundance

Thundery downpours, hot sunshine and the garden is bursting at the seams. It's one of those years. A month ago we had one of the best blossom displays ever, in turn we'll have a glut of fruit. Everything is growing apace as we approach the longest day.

Geranium 'rozanne' and the scabious, Knautia macedonica are particularly turgid reaching easily to a metre in height. I've heard stories of the scabious succumbing to powdery mildew which although there is no chance of that right now, i'll have to see how it performs when things really dry out.

Lavender 'hidcote' in pots with the unknown lavender in the garden behind just starting to 'blue' up. It really is the nicest lavender I know (or rather, I don't know) as it flowers a perfect denim blue.

A bucolic scene from my terrace. Cows chewing grass which is growing so rapidly you can almost see it gaining in length as each hour passes.

'American Pillar' and 'Rambling Rosie' (seriously) both brought from Peter Beales roses about 10 years ago. They're literally weighed down with flower as they smother the pergola.

So although June hasn't started exactly scorching, the mixed bag of weather has left the garden and the countryside in perfect condition, we'll have to see what the rest of the month brings....


  1. All is looking fabulous Rob. Believe it or not we are crying out for rain here after nearly six weeks of almost unbroken blue skies and sunshine!


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