Winter warmer

Today was misty and it drizzled without interruption. 'Mizzle' as the Met office might say.

Here's a pic that I took on a warmer day than this.

Last year was a Sunflower year. It's a sunflower year every 3rd growing season as the farmers rotate crops around maize and tobacco.

Thumbing through the seed catalogue and I have a new dilemma; do I grow Helianthus next year?


  1. I say yes, grow them!! So many varieties to choose from too!

  2. If you have no deer -- go for it! :-)

    I fancy the fields of flowers in France. (say that real fast 10 times).


  3. Cameron/Catherine- I've been looking on the T & M website and there are some stunning sunflowers, especially the red and white ones.

    I fancy the fields of flowers in France degenerates into fe, fe, fe by the 7th or 8th repetition

  4. Fe fe fe fe! What a wonderful dilemma to have! I love growing the darkest and palest varieties.

  5. You probably already know this but if space is an issue, there are shorter varieties. When I plant seeds directly into ground, I use a smidgen of slug bait otherwise they will never see the light of day.

    Keep us posted.

  6. I would say that the question is not whether to grow them, but which varieties to plant.

    You could plant a few new varieties each summer, and most likely never repeat for ages.


  7. Darkest and palest varieties are the ones for me.

    I'll watch for slugs and snails. It's a constant battle.

    I wish Jen had taken a pic of this sunflower field.

  8. Yep go for it Rob. Especially if you can get hold of the Teddy Bear variety.

    I am intrigued what is a Gite???



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