Busy at the moment

Summer continues in this corner of southwest France. Ok, I know September is officially Autumn, but I like to think of today as August 37th, still Summer right?

It's still busy here at Le Banquet. We've had guests from all over the world, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Oman, France, Germany, Italy,Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, USA and of course the UK and Eire. You get to meet the most interesting people in this business.

Aside, I took a little time to create a couple of collages of things around and about the garden. Some you'll have seen before but a second go never hurts. Incidently, I've invested in a new camera, not that I'm getting full use of it yet, no, no, everytime I attempt to read the manual, all 40,000,000 pages of it, well it leaves me wanting to reach for the Hemlock. Eventually I'll get to it. Eventually!


  1. Hi Rob - it's alright for you still in your extended August but we've just got rained off!

    Nice photos - and I love that I recognise all the different bits of the garden now :)

    I hear the red wine calling ......cheers!

  2. Now that's positive lateral thinking Rob ! Here it's has been more like the back end of October but we have a mildly promising forecast :) Have fun with your new camera - those manuals always make things sound more complicated than they are. Great collages !

  3. Your photos are great! Hope you enjoy using your new camera.

    Busy in this economy is a GOOD thing! Enjoy the weather.


  4. I am with you, Rob - it's still summer! Even today's hail could not change my mind. Your place is charming, with all its beautiful containers, plants, sculptures, etc.

  5. Very nice collages Rob. It's good to hear that you are busy, the way the economy has been.

  6. Very Autumnal here Rob, but glad a Summer is still with you. Cameras are the new video recorders - too complicated except for 10 year olds.

  7. Hi Rob, it does appear that you have mastered the new camera quite well without the mind numbing manual, well done! It all looks fabulous. We will have warm weather here in Tennessee for a couple of months most likely. Fall is a term we can cozy up to however, summer means oppressive heat for us. :-)

  8. Hi Rob great collages and sounds as if you had a successful and busy summer.

    What camera did you buy then?

  9. Of course the first thing I ask, is what kind of camera did you buy? Well, of course.

    Summer can last as long as it wants with these beautiful days, at least that is what I am thinking.


  10. Hi folks,

    I bought a Panasonic Lumix G1.

    All the reviews were good hence the decision.

  11. Beautiful collages! Glad that the paying customers are finding you.

  12. I love the collages. I agree that it's great you are busy. It's a lot of fun trying out all the settings on a new camera, you definitely have a lot of beautiful things to take pictures of!

  13. Hi Rob,

    Well call me obtuse but I did not get that you were an Inn! It is a fun way to meet folks from all over the world. Flower Hill Farm has been a B&B and Retreat for almost ten years now. I must admit that I have not the energy to keep things looking as fabulous as you do! Gorgeous photos of your exquisite plantings and surroundings! Carol

  14. Hi Rob, I forgot to mention it, but ....... I've nominated you for the meme on 'seven things you didn't know about me'. I hope you don't mind! There's no pressure to do it, but if you want to take part, then the rules are over on my blog!!! (it's your own fault for having such a great blog!)

    Liz :)

  15. Just set the camera on P and pick the light setting. That's all you really need to know. I just learned that at Robin's Nesting Place blog. She explained the whole thing and made my life simpler. I don't like manuals either.

    I can see why you converse so well---you get lots of practice with the many folks who pass your way. I would love that.

    What is with all the lottery numbers on the bottom of your lovely sign? ;)

    The collages are beautiful.

  16. Glad you're busy! Your painted sign is lovely, as are all the garden photos.

    I steadfastly call this time Summer until 21st September! It lived up to it today - so hot I took my work outside, and kept having to come indoors to cool down!

  17. I came to your blog from Frances at a faire garden. Love the pictures, obviously your new camera works great! Mu husband and I lived in London for a few years and would take the Eurostar to Paris. I wish that we could have got to see more of the French coutryside in pwerson, but I will be back to see it through your words and pictures.


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