Hectic stuff

We're busy people at the moment. The season's fast approaching and there's a million and one things to do, the 'mother' of all snagging lists!

The Thyme is fast filling out in the wall.

Decided to plant strawberries in the large urn. The fruit should look great as it trails down. This is an old French variety calles Anais, taste test to follow.

Pots of Bacopa. Kinda into white flowers at the moment, that includes the strawberry blooms.

240,000 Cosmos seedlings potted on. Well it felt like it. The varieties are Picotee and Rose.

Below is a masterclass in loafing. Growing in the large planter is Convolvulus mauritanicus.

Divisions of Pheasant grass, Stipa calamagrostis. This grass multiplies like crazy.

Deep, almost burgundy red Perlagonium. I wasn't convinced I'd grow any this year but I fell for the colour. Come high summer this plant will be overflowing with blooms just below the barn window

So that's a quick reccy of this and that. The alarm's set for an early start tomorrow.


  1. I must say, the hardscape in your garden I will never be able to duplicate, and that's a shame.

    Looking forward to how the strawberries turn out.

  2. That looks very promising! About two months from here, I will be buying my Bacopa:-)

    Have a nice week!

  3. The thyme did turn out quite nice in that spot, didn't it? As for a masterclass in loafing: I suppose I could teach the winter version. However, lounging on the ground in the sunshine, the cats do have me beat. I would be willing to nip over to France to give them some pointers....

    Christine in Alaska, where I've just worked my first day in the garden this year, at last

  4. Oh, the life your cats lead!.....by midsummer I'm looking forward to doing just that!

  5. I've been gardening so much that I didn't see your post until now!

    The thyme is really filling in well for you. I cannot believe all those cosmos! I just threw some seeds around in the garden today. I'm not a careful seed sower!

    I do think the cats have a good life. They get to enjoy the garden instead of work in it!

  6. Happy cats! The pelargonium is a luscious colour. Quite lickable.

  7. Looking good Rob, though I envy those cats. Lovely to see the sunshine.

  8. Oh you have been busy, Rob! And what a color to fall for in the pelargonum, luscious against the stone backdrop. And what a charming window behind it too. I guffawed at the loafers! The thyme looks perfect! Dont' forget to breathe. :-)

  9. Beautiful pictures. Looks like a nice sunny day.
    Is it lemon thyme I spot in the top picture on the wall?

    Clever to use plastic cups instead of buying special flower pots for your seedlings.


  10. I think the kitties have the right idea! Your containers look great. I bet geraniums look perfect next to your house.

  11. I love the juxtaposition of your title, "hectic days" and your "master loafers!" Those cats are the smart ones!


  12. Thank you for your most beautiful blog

  13. I would like to sign up for the masterclass in loafing.....

  14. I'm completely in love with ivy geraniums in that deep color of red as well. Our strawberries have flowers already, we're excited.

  15. Rob your place looks so charming. Your lazy cats remind me of my lazy cats.

  16. Can't believe how far advanced your strawberries are Rob - look forward to hearing your verdict. Those cats have got their priorities sorted.

  17. Everything is looking so far ahead of us, and we are early.

    Love the kitties, they look like they are practicing very hard.

    You asked about Bootsie, we got some great advice from Jodi, at Bloomingwriter, and her friend, and it worked.

    He is still eating like a piggy, but we are gradually cutting it down. But at least he will with encouragement sleep until 5ish....


  18. Rob, we love bacopa spilling over an edge, and the color of the pelargonium, well, who could resist? I'm still having a chuckle at the cats.

    Have a wonderfully busy week. I'm off to the shed.

  19. I really enjoy seeing what's going on in your garden. It always looks extra good, must be the French lighting :)
    That is a lot of Cosmos! I've started some with my wintersowing, but haven't planted them out in the garden yet.
    I love the pelagorium in the terra cotta pot against the wall.

  20. Looks like you are well on your way to a marvelous summer, Rob. Unlike your soporific cats, you obviously have not been resting!

  21. Hola Rob, I can see spring is coming fast over there and you have lots of work in the garden. I`m collecting my cosmos seeds and you are just sowing them!! I have bacopas in the pots where my camelias are, they are so pretty pouring down the pots. Don`t you have rabbits over there eating all the tender sprouts??
    Thank you so much for the message on Feb about our great 8.8 earthquake and tsunami... things need lot of time here to be reconstructed.
    Cariños from Chile,
    Maria Cecilia

  22. Wow your thyme looks so healthy,ours is so scraggy looking and needs some sun! If reincarnation exists I'm coming back as a cat...what a great life!

  23. If I could have a rock wall like yours for my thyme, but nah, it still wouldn't look the same as mine is here and yours is over there! I have been very busy too planting things in my greenhouse. I am determined this year not to buy so many plants especially if I can grow them myself. Love that color perlagonium! I believe I had that color last year. Now that is something that I will buy. My cosmos seed along with others are in the mail to me, from ebay as I can get a lot of them.
    I do think that cats have the life of laying around, although the other day mine brought a present to me so I guess they do get busy!
    Always enjoy your posts!

  24. Everything about your place is perfect including the sleeping kitties. Beautiful Beautiful... Lucky Lucky guests and you two too!! Hope you have a great season Rob!

  25. I've been visiting a lot of my clients' gardens the past two weeks and the thyme is looking fabulous! This is definitely its best season.

    Clearly your cats and mine have studied at the same school of advanced loafing. At least yours are flouting their carefree existence in an out of the way spot - lately mine prefer whatever gardening book I happen to have open next to the computer.

  26. Shall I pack now Rob? I'm very handy with a paintbrush, trowel, sledgehammer......! :)
    It's all looking great - I'm loving how the thyme has taken in the wall.


  27. I love the stained shutter behind the --geranium--as I call all pelargoniums. I am loving that deep rich burgundy. Everything you do is gorgeous and hard work. The cats seem amused to let you create their comfortable world.


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