Le Vieux Logis

Le Vieux Logis is a hotel and Michelin starred restaurant located in the pretty village of Tremolat some twenty minutes away from Le Banquet.    We like to wander around the grounds, a haven of peace and tranquility with its clipped Box spheres and triangular Yew.

All this calming green belies a landcape beyond that is parched and tawny following a particularly hot and dry July and August. A landscape more reminiscent of the Mediterranean basin than the gentle Dordogne, though not so at Le Vieux Logis, somebody does a good job of irrigating Le Jardin. 

We actually need some rain. There have been wildfires around and water reserves are under pressure, but there's nothing in the forecast and temperatures are set to rise this week, the start to September is a continuation of Summer and looks  that way for the next two weeks or more.


  1. It's interesting to learn that North America is not alone in drought. Hope you'll keep us updated regularly on how French weather behaves.

    1. We had a wet spring and June. July, August and now September, practically nothing!

  2. amazing topiaries - a sea of them! Well that's all the watr you'll get for the moment.

  3. Just Gorgeous and we have to return to the Dordogne sometime next year. Maybe next "our winter".

  4. What type of boxwoods are those? Are they hard to shape? Gorgeous. Simple gorgeous


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