Make Time for Wine (again)

I discovered the superb wines of Chateau La Vieille Bergerie whilst researching a little more about 'Bruno Chief of Police' author Martin Walker. 

Walker has,amongst other accolades, in recent years become a Grand Consul de la vinee de Bergerac. As a member of this ancient body dating back to the middle ages,  he can judge and approve the quality of wines from all over this wonderful region.

La Vieille Bergerie, owned by Pierre Desmartis, is singled out for notable praise, in particular his wines labelled 'Quercus' - Latin for Oak - of which the dry white has won no less than four gold medals in a row at the internationally feted Paris Concours General Agricole.

All of Desmartis's 'Quercus' wines are made in the old tradition. Vinified and raised in old French Oak barriques, only hand picked and selected fruit become spectacular wine, so good that they received a Prix D'Excellence, again from the Paris Concours General Agricole.

Whenever Karen and I pop to Bergerac, we always make a visit to the Château's unassuming wine shop just north of town.

Try before you buy, there are many wines, though you're unlikely to be disappointed it's always a pleasure to buy direct from a producer.

And safely home. Two bottles of the good stuff artfully photographed here at Le Banquet