Perigueux Market

The Saturday morning market in Perigueux is one of the best in SouthWest France. so good is it, Rick Stein featured it in an episode of 'Rick Stein's Secret France'. He described it as fabulous, and he's not wrong.

It meanders throughout the streets close to the covered market and on up towards the Cathedral and Place de la Clautre where it opens out onto the square surrounded by beautiful buildings and views towards the Cathedral de St. Front.

This really is one of the Grands Marches of the region and you can find just about anything associated with French gastronomy amongst the large number of stalls.

The stmosphere is always convivial and the the restaurants and cafes which line the streets nearby are busy with folk drinking coffee or possibly an aperitif, glass of Rose or maybe a small blanc sec - first of the day.

Capital of the Dordogne, Perigueux and its bustling market is about a 40 minute drive from here at Le Banquet.    So worth a visit.


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